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DharMag December 2016 Mayfair gin tasting notes: to buy or not to buy?

Mayfair gin review and tasting notes, price, best gin for cocktails The Mayfair is a very elegant gin, a spirit with a clean, complex and subtle flavor.

What emerges to the nose is its aromatic opulence based on flowers, rose petals, sweet spices, resins and juniper.

But do not expect a strong battle-gin, as a finesse spirit, perfect for a gin tasting, we could say almost a meditation gin, with a slender, but very solid, profile.

On the palate the Mayfair gin provides an incredible pleasure and you will feel it expanding to the whole mouth in a gentle grace.

If you are looking for a strong and wiry gin to make a nasty Alexander party you can skip this bottle…

Not that it lacks character, it’s not that, it is very well chiseled and neat, with a strong alcoholic warm, but do not use it for cocktails with strong ingredients like Negroni or you can risk loosing it between the coils of bitter and vermouth.

Conversely enhance it with more “linear” cocktails like Dry Martini, Gimlet or Collins. Consider Bramble too, where the sweet note of the raspberry liqueur combines well with the floral scents of this gin. Great classics with orange juice as Paradise and Bronx are welcome too.

Mayfair gin: the price

You can find it online for 40 euro: slightly expensive, but in line with similar high quality spirits. Let’s say that 35 is its fair “trade price”.

To buy or not to buy the Mayfair gin?

Mayfair London Dry Gin review and tasting notes, price, gin for cocktails It’s a good gin that we feel to recommend for long drinks or blind gin tastings, but this is not a mainstream gin. If you like spicy, resinous and strong gin stay away from this Mayfair gin, but if you want a fine spirit, all played on the delicacy of flowers and the scents of a shady forest, then it could be a big surprise.

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