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DharMag December 2016 Dessert wine pairing rankings: here are the sweet wines you should drink at least once in your life

Coconut Pie, dessert, wine for dessert, dessert wine pairigns, food and wine What would you choose for this baby? (Photo by Michael Shum) Choosing the wine for your beloved (and delicious) desserts can be a daunting task, many have high hopes and expectations in this regards. They consider the dessert time the pinnacle of the meal, especially now, during the holidays, but don’t worry: we are here to help.

The first rule when it comes down to dessert and wine pairings is: drink what you like!

The second rule of the dessert club is: the wine should be always sweeter than the dessert itself.

So this list of dessert wines can be considered as a suggestion, a small window to let you know some great wines that should deserve a chance.

Cheesecake wine pairings, what wines go well with cheesecake and creamy desserts You can pair them with simple apple pie, gorgeous cheesecakes, ice creams, crème brûlée, ricotta pudding, cassata, tiramisu or zuppa inglese.

Just avoid heavy chocolate cakes and you gonna be fine. We will tackle the chocolate-wine pairings soon, but for now let’s consider only classic comfort food desserts.

That’s all, you don’t need elaborated strategies or books to sniff, let’s uncork some bottles!

Moscato Asti spumante Cascina Fonda

Moscato d'Asti sparkling wine, wine for apple pie, best dessert wines The most natural and simple wine for dessert is Moscato, an Asti Spumante always does its duty and you can’t go wrong with an icy, fizzy Asti spumante. Moscato has a super low alcohol content, lively scents and plenty of bubbles to take care of the fattiness of the nastiest cheesecakes or to exalt the fragrances of classic apple pie. The sparkling wine from Cascina Fonda winery is a good product: perfumed, elegant and with fine bubbles.

Malvasia di Candia La Vigna del Volta

La Vigna del Volta, Malvasia passito wine, wine for cheesecake, dessert wines At the opposite pole of Moscato lies this Malvasia di Candia, one of the best sweet wine you can find in Italy. It’s dense, spicy and full-bodied, but with a vibrant and exciting freshness in the background. The scents of dates, vanilla and nuts will create a stunning symphony with a crunchy pecan pie.

Rhum J. M Vieux V.S.O.P

Rhum J. M Vieux V.S.O.P agricultural rum, rum and dessert pairings A change of gear now with a sumptuous agricultural rum of great charm. Full-bodied, with good sweetness and alcoholic thickness, vanilla, tobacco and tropical fruits are woven in a sequence with no end. But the beauty of this rum is its rhythm, dominated by elegance and amazing roundness, due to more than four years of barrel aging. Pair this great rum with coconut cookies, tiramisù or a luscious red velvet cake.

Chateau d’Yquem 1998

Chateau d’Yquem 1998 the perfect cheesecake wine, best French wines A majestic sweet wine made with grapes affected by botrytis cinerea, more than a wine this is a real jewel of the art of the oenology, a heritage of all mankind. This wine is the quintessence of elegance and balance. Sweet but slender in the mouth, dense, but always responsive, with nuts, spices, vanilla, candied fruit, always ready to show its aromatic thickness. If you want to make a great gift, look for this Chateau d’Yquem and you will see the rising of a new dawn when you’ll uncork it. Ok, maybe we got too excited, but if you are looking for the ultimate cheesecake wine choose only the best.

Malvasia dei Colli di Parma, Camillo Donati

Malvasia di Candia from Camillo Donati, sweet wines for desserts Malvasia di Candia is an ancient wine that has always been produced on these hills. We talked about Chateau d’Yquem, but if you want to pay a fair price and drink a tasty wine, full of personality try a Malvasia from Colli di Parma. My Malvasia Dolce from Donati Camillo winery is a lovely bottle with plenty of delicate scents and an electrifying freshness.

D’Incanto di Francesconi Paolo

Best sweet Italian wines, Centesimino passito wine, Francesconi Winery This Centesimino from Francesconi winery is a wine that can make fall in love, thanks to its scents of roses, cocoa and mint that tickle your nose with a continuous melody. The palate is fresh and straightforward, goes straight on his way with great balance and a perfect sweetness to lighten the creamy texture of a blueberry cheesecake.

Louis Roederer Carte Blanche Demi Sec

Louis Roederer Carte Blanche Demi Sec, best sweet wine for dessert This sweet Champagne is pure poetry in the glass. The typical minerality of the Champagne wines dominates this wine from head to foot. It’s sweet and gentle with delicate aromas of pear, lime, hazelnuts and confetti, but it is always intense, driven by an incredible saltiness. Perfect balance and infinite finish with almonds suggestions. The cost is ok and it could be a great gift of a companion for a key lime tart.

Don PX Pedro Ximenez wine dulce natural 2010

Don PX Pedro Ximenez vino dulce natural 2010 tasting notes, sweet wine If you want a straight, punch in the face sweet wine the Don PX Pedro Ximenez is your bottle. Just pour it into the glass and its density will stun you: the nose is packed with aromas of dried fruit and caramel, dates, baked apricot to finish with spicy notes and a smoky background that plays down this whole intensity. Suggested pairings: baklava, brownies, panettone, panna cotta, pudding, plum-cake.

2005 Niepoort Vintage Port wine

2005 Niepoort Vintage Port, the best Port wine, tasting notes A Port wine of incredible complexity, but at the same time of rare finesse. It opens with delicate notes of flowers, spices and nuts, however you should wait some minutes and stay near him, maybe hug him and he’ll accompany you on an incredible journey of the senses. But apart from elegance, balance and sweetness you know what is the most surprising thing about this wine? Structure and liveliness: the palate is full-bodied and bold, mellow but powerful, and certainly do not lack of minerality and deepness. It’s not cheap, but this 2005 Niepoort Vintage Port is one of the best Port produced in the last 20 years. With or without a dessert will be an enlightening experience.

Ratafia d’Abruzzo, Praesidium winery

Abruzzo Ratafia Praesidium, Montepulciano cherry liqueur, chocolate wine If you have never tried Abruzzo Ratafia, maybe it’s time to close this gap. What is Ratafia? A cherry liqueur made with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine; sweet as ambrosia, perfumed, rightly alcoholic, but with the tannins and the grit of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo as backbone. The purest and tastiest comes from Praesidium winery, a boutique winery nestled in the mountains of Maiella. Suggested pairings: chocolate salami, white chocolate pumpkin pie, chestnut flour crepes with ricotta and chocolate sauce.

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