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DharMag August 2016 Spirits review: Hendrick's Gin tasting notes, one of the best gin you can find around

Hendricks's gin review, tasting notes, characteristics flavors of a great gin Hendrick’s Gin.

A name that in every gin lover evokes mellow memories and evenings spent swinging between a Gin & Tonic and a Dry Martini.

We are dealing with a handmade bottle, a spirit produced in small quantities, born from a double distillation.

The Hendrick’s Gin is a nectar that once tried you’ll never forget it, thanks to the unusual choice of botanicals, which range from the classic juniper & pepper to reach more unconventional ingredients like cucumber and rose petals.

The result is a sophisticated gin, enveloping, full of floral echoes, with citrus, cucumber and resins in the background, but what is amazing about this beauty is that is always smooth on the palate.

While many gins, especially the spicy ones, run horizontally on the tongue, the Hendrick’s Gin has a vertical momentum, it’s icy and for this reason a good affinity with sharp, pungent and fresh ingredients.

Hendrick’s Gin bouquet

The bouquet is delicate, very floral and resinous, played on subtle tones, almost ethereal, with berries that dive into a waterfall of rose petals. The spices are there, elegant, almost sweet, caressed by ginger and beautiful minerals recalls. The quintessence of elegance.

What does Hendrick’s Gin taste like?

On the palate is smooth and elegant, with excellent freshness and spicy bits of ginger and pepper, crunchy rose petals and of course the wild call of the cucumber. Perfect balance. Despite the full-body, it is not a bold gin, so be careful to not mix it with too many strong ingredients or it could lose its charm.

The Hendrick’s Gin it’s not the first choice for a Negroni, but try it for a simple Gin & Tonic with a cucumber slice or licorice hint or drink it straight in a chilled glass and enjoy paradise.

Hendrick’s Gin cost

The cost is high, we are about 40 euro in a wine shop, but if you consider that it’s a spirit to sip slowly like cognac you can’t complain.

Best Hendrick’s gin cocktails

Hendrick's gin tasting notes, what does Hendrick's gin taste like? Gin & Tonic, Gin Gin Mule, Dry Martini, White Lady, Black Mamba Kiss, but also try with sparkling drinks like Pino or French 75.

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