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DharMag August 2015 Italian food: all you need to know about Pizza

Pizza Margherita. Italian pizza. All you need to know about the Italian Pizza August’s Dharmag will be quite random, we have many topics to talk about between food and cocktail recipes, so will enjoy a culinary hopscotch, starting from a pillar of Italian cuisine: pizza.

Pizza capricciosa, Italian Pizza guide. How to make the best Pizza at home. Homemade pizza, Neapolitan pizza, pizza alla romana, fried pizza, we will have our hands full of dough, because we are going to start from the basics to teach you every trick about pizza, with recipes and cooking tips to make the perfect dough and find some new dressing.

Figs. Recipes and cocktail with figs. Summer recipes with figs. Italian food. Do not worry, we will have a pizza with ham & figs too, in fact August is the month of these delights full of sweetness, but also is the month of peaches, cucumber, watermelon and apricot, so stay tuned for some new cocktail recipes.

That’s all for this month, roll up our hands and begin to knead, but not before having presented the cocktail of the month: the Hulk Punch, a delicious, energizing, Matcha cocktail, perfect for keeping you hydrated during your holidays!

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