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DharMag April 2018 Zazie cocktail: the new Spring cocktail with strawberries, whiskey and balsamic vinegar

Zazie cocktail made with whiskey strawberry balsamic vinegar Angostura Porto The cocktail we are going to serve you is a very experimental drink, surreal, lysergic, born after many failures.

First of all the name: Zazie, in honor of one of the most amazing characters that have ever come out of a pen, that of Raymond Queneau, who has managed to infuse infinite poetry in the novel Zazie in the metro. Read it and everything will be illuminated…

Anyway, I am sorry to draw your attention back to more prosaic matters, but we have some work to do.

Why should you drink the Zazie drink?

Fresh strawberries, cocktail with strawberries, Zazie, new Spring 2017 cocktail The cocktail balance swings between the strong and peaty whisky flavor and the soothing sweetness of strawberries, with balsamic vinegar and angostura in the background to add intriguing aromatic shades.

A drizzle of Porto wine makes the cocktail more velvety and round.

Ok, having said that, this is not a light drink, but that does not prevent it from being the protagonist of your next aperitivo.

Last note: the egg white is a purely cosmetic addition. If you want a more elegant and foamy cocktail, use it and don’t worry about its flavor: it will just fade away in less than ten seconds in all these strong flavored ingredients.

Ingredients to make the Zazie cocktail

  • 4 cl of peaty Scotch whisky
  • 1 cl of Porto
  • 2 drops of angostura
  • 3 drops of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena
  • 6-7 strawberries

How to make the Zazie cocktail recipe

Wash strawberries, then cut in half and mash with a spoon in a fine strainer. It is a tedious job, but to make a great cocktail you’ll need real strawberry nectar.

Shaker with ice, cocktail preparation, cocktail recipes for bartender Fill a shaker with some ice.

Cocktail with strawberry nectar bartender school cocktail recipes for bartenders Pour in the strawberry nectar.

Bartender Jigger to dispense alcohol, how to make cocktails at home like a pro Then whisky.

Porto wine, the best cocktail made with Porto wine, Zazie drink recipe Now the Porto wine.

Angostura, Angostura cocktails how to prepare the best cocktails, bartender tips 2 drops of Angostura and 4 of aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena. 1 egg white if you like it.

Shaker for 15 seconds, then pour, filtering with a strainer, in well chilled Martini or Moscato glass.

Serve the Zazie cocktail, your new best friend.

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