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DharMag April 2018 Rob Roy cocktail: recipe, ingredients and history

Rob Roy cocktail recipe, ingredients and history, how to make Rob Roy cocktail The Rob Roy cocktail is a Manhattan twist, indeed the recipe is conceptually identical, except that scotch whiskey is used instead of rye whiskey.

It seems a minor difference, but the Rob Roy cocktail is very different and deserves some love. While the American rye is scurvy and rough-tasting whiskey, produced with water and rye (51% minimum) and then aged in oak barrels, the Scotch is marked by the net and mysterious hint of peat.

Rob Roy drink recipe, Scotch whisky cocktail with sweet vermouth But you only want the best for your drinks, so use quality spirits and make yourself a nice gift by buying a crafted Scotch single malt whisky. But no more talk and let’s go to the original recipe for the Rob Roy cocktail, a great cocktail from the last century.

Ingredients and doses for making the Rob Roy cocktail


Martini cup

How to prepare the perfect Rob Roy cocktail

The Rob is prepared in the mixing glass. Pay respect to the vermouth, don’t shake it, just stir gently. Remember that ver,outh is a wine, even if flavored and fortified.

Rob Roy cocktail recipe, cocktail with Scotch whiskey, vermouth and bitter Put all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, stir gently to allow all the ingredients to complement each other and then pour, filtering with the strainer, into a previously iced cup. Decorate with a maraschino cherry.

Whiskey party!

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Which dishes match well with Rob Roy cocktail?

Don’t be afraid, the Rob is a strong and full-bodied drink, with a clear bitter aftertaste, paired with hearty red meat dishes, smoked meat with bbq, hamburgers, ribs in bbq sauce, brisket, pulled pork and grilled beef fillet with porcini.

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