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DharMag April 2018 Purity Vodka: the best vodka on the market? We tasted it and here's the review!

Purity vodka tasting notes and review, vodka distilled 34 in gold copper Purity Vodka is an ambitious distillate that aims to be the best vodka on the market. It is produced in Sweden, in the castle of Ellinge by a specifically still made of copper and gold. It comes from the distillation of the famous “winter wheat Gneiss” and barley “Tripple”, another product of great value, true pride of Sweden.

Then the alcohol thus produced by distillation is distilled 34 times, losing 90% of the volume. Never seen such painstaking care, if they wanted to invent a symbolic distillate of Sweden they succeeded for sure.

Purity Vodka, produced in Sweden with a copper and gold pot still, is good, indeed excellent. It is not filtered with coals or other additives and is also organic. You can feel the flavor, the thickness of cereals, the very slight scent of barley that takes on the faces of biscuit, bread, cereals. And that’s great, this gustatory volume of the raw materials is amazing and make Vodka Purity so interesting.

Someone might object that if you become too pure, you lose your charm, what remains after 34 distillations?

An ethereal tasty supernova of flavors. In part it is true, however, the aromatic charge is not exuberant, but the concentration is remarkable, it is a distillate that has consistency and texture above the norm. It tastes almost creamy, try to sip it “hot” (not frozen) and it will amaze you. The delicate suggestions of flowers, honey, hazelnuts, and dates, gooseberries, and everything is perfectly designed. We were skeptical, to tell the truth, but we gladly changed our mind. Can a vodka aspire to the highest peaks of Olympus of spirits? Can you add flavor and charm by removing? It seems almost an oxymoron, the more you distill and the more you discard… but it is true that, in this way, hidden, primordial, cereal perfumes and flavors (the purity of the cereal) come out and are amplified to the nth degree.

All the legendary narrative, the proclaims of purity are appreciable, but can we say that it is an exceptional vodka?

Yes, but perhaps it is not a product for everyone, especially for those looking for roughness vodka, wiry strength, and spirited alcohol, these characteristics will not be found in Purity vodka, quite the opposite. Think of dipping your face in a cloud and breathe: a distillate of clouds and sky.

What cocktails to make with Purity vodka?

Vodka Purity cocktails to do, Kamikaze, Screwdriver Moscow Mule Here a problem arises, this delicacy risks big with you use it for making cocktails. We are making the picky ones, but, this Purity vodka produced in Sweden, in the Ellinge castle with copper and gold still is velvety and delicate, but as soon as you add ginger beer for a Moscow Mule or the tomato for a Bloody Mary it is mortified. Much better to enhance its characteristics with dry vermouth based cocktails such as Vesper and Vodka Martini. If you use it also for very sharp cocktails, like sour, with delicate ingredients, such as Kamikaze and Caipiroska, it’s fine.

Let’s say that as a mixing vodka, Purity is not indicated, it is a distillate for meditation, we must respect it. Of course, if you have a place, it’s a representation vodka to have, but not to mix, it would be madness.

If instead, it is for personal use, the purchase is perhaps more justifiable, a whim for vodka lovers, to drink straight in front of the fireplace, lying on a polar bear skin with caviar blinis and elk cheek pate canapes.

Purity vodka price

Vodka Purity price, 40 euros, a good price for a fine and elegant vodka Price update. Once it was sold for 55 euros: an off-market price. Today you can find it at 40 euros, a price that reflects a great quality and that all in all is acceptable.

You are wondering if it is worth spending so much on a delicate vodka. The answer is yes, once again.

But you must not think about it as a bomb, but a sublime aesthetic exercise, a test of heaven on earth. It is one of the best vodkas on the market, but only your palate will be able to tell you if it makes sense for you to buy a “smooth drinking” vodka.

With the price cut, the Purity is going to collide with Nikka Coffey Vodka, another great spirit. The Purity is more delicate and fruity, a fire in the middle of the ice, the more Nikka is more rocky and vegetal, with a Zen balance reminiscent of forest scents. Two opposing worlds, but both wonderful, where only a few dare to go.

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