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DharMag April 2018 Green Chartreuse liqueur tasting notes: what is it, what are the ingredients and the cocktail to make

Green Chartreuse liqueur what is it, what are the ingredients price and cocktail The Green Chartreuse is the most famous green liqueur in the world. It is produced according to a secret recipe of the monks of the Ordre des Chartreux since 1600.

Today the monks of the Charterhouse of Voiron no longer produce the Green Chartreuse with their little hands ruined by the long days of “ora et labora”. They only procure the mixture of herbs, but the liqueur has remained a myth, a unique and unrepeatable product. It should be noted, however, that it is not a handmade liqueur anymore.

But what’s special about this green Chartreuse?

It is an elixir with an incredible taste, given by 130 herbs and medicinal plants. Do not try to ask for the recipe or a monk could kill you with hairstyles … The herbs are left to infuse in alcohol, everything is distilled and then the liqueur is aged in oak barrels, in the most classic French style.

And apart from the variety of green aromas and flavors, this liqueur is precisely the refinement in wood to round off with spices, vanilla and chocolate tones. We have thousands of herbal liqueurs, each abbey produces one, but the level of finesse, intensity, and balance achieved by the Chartreuse is unique.

Even the coloring is completely natural, it is so green and gay, cheerful and no artificial colorings are added.

But let’s move on to the comment of this great liqueur, although to be honest, the green Chartreuse is excellent as a digestive or as a meditation liqueur, but it certainly gives the best of itself as an ingredient in cocktails. We do not want to say that it is boring, because it is not, however it is a bit static, like all super herby flavored bitter. For this reason, if used as an alchemical ingredient to make cocktails it becomes a small supernova of taste, it expands, releases a thousand flavors that are then mixed and smoothed into a “long” drink.

The bouquet of the Green Chartreuse

The nose is simply fabulous, a kaleidoscope in constant motion. There are millions of herbaceous suggestions: sage, rosemary, star anise, gentian, mint, pepper and then various fruit tones like apple, banana, and cedar. But as mentioned before, it is the touch of wood that makes the difference, so you will feel spicy, vanilla and chocolate-flavored aromas that give consistency, rhythm, and vitality. The aromatic depth is amazing, has rhythm, the tone is ethereal, never sugary or redundant. Persistence is stunning.

The taste of Green Chartreuse

In the mouth it is mentholated, bitter, tasty, full, but quite soft overall, the sugar rounds off a lot and the tones are almost caramelized. It is consistent with the nose, but do not expect a too tannic or rude bitter. Born as a digestive liqueur, but wants to fascinate with its inexorable velvety caress. On the whole, it is harmonious, fine, well defined by a mentholated freshness that keeps the sip credible and fairly smooth.

Price of the green Chartreuse

35 euros: acceptable.

The best Green Chartreuse cocktails to do

There are many cocktails to make and you can experiment endlessly. The green Chartreuse pairs beautifully with ethereal, resinous and sharp spirits with gin, tequila, and vodka. With rum, whiskey, and cachaca it’s not the best, but you never know. Here are some cocktails to make: Angelo di Fuoco; Jabba the Hutt Potion; Trump Cocktail; Pocholito. If you want to make a dessert of a great star chef try the Evergreen by Piergiorgio Parini.

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