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DharMag April 2018 Golden Cadillac drink recipe: how to make the legendary American cocktail

Golden Cadillac cocktail recipe with cream, Galliano liqueur and crème de cacao The Golden Cadillac is an old-style cocktail, born in the mid-1900s, at the American Roger’s Bar, in the wake of the film “The Solid Gold Cadillac”. It is one of those opalescent drinks, prepared with cream, son certainly of his time and that nowadays seems very odd for our palate, yet his charm is still intact.

The Golden Cadillac cocktail ingredients are only three, present in equal parts: cream, Galliano liqueur and crème de cacao. The cream acts as a binder between the two spirits, smoothing every corner, making the cocktail a soft dream to dive into it.

Its flavor is very particular, velvety, creamy, sweet, dominated by the taste of Galliano liqueur, very aromatic and full of spices, among which star anise stands out. You either love or hate it, there are no half measures in this case.

Ingredients and doses for making the Golden Cadillac

  • 2 cl of Galliano liqueur
  • 2 cl of crème de cacao
  • 2 cl of fresh cream

How to make the Golden Cadillac cocktail

Simple recipe, based on the perfect balance of the flavors of the ingredients, at first sight not very assimilable: so following the right doses is fundamental.

Cool a Martini cup with 3 ice cubes. Pour cream, Galliano liqueur, crème de cacao and shaker for 1 minute. Add some ice and shaker for a couple of seconds then pour the drink, filtering with the strainer. Garnish with a slice of orange to add a refreshing touch.

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Which dishes go well with the Golden Cadillac?
It excels with dessert, cakes, biscuits or cheesecake: excellent with chocolate cheesecake, brownies, galaktoboureko, apple crumble, bread and banana cake, chocolate and pear tart, mud cake, creme brûlée.

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