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DharMag April 2018 Fifty Pounds Gin tasting notes and review of an intriguing distillate

Fifty Pounds Gin tasting notes and review, the best gin review Everything about the Fifty Pounds Gin, starting from the name, the history, the style of the website up to the final flavor of this gin, is studied in detail.

Like the best distillates, it is a product that comes from 4 distillations, after the heads and tails have been discarded to eliminate non-optimal flavors and fragrances.

Nothing exotic: tails and heads are only the first and last result of distillation, the less noble ones. Only the heart is kept: the purest part.

After this operation, the distillate passes 3 weeks in infusion with the selected botanicals, among which we find juniper, citrus fruits, flowers, berries, licorice, angelica, cardamom, and Guinea pepper.

Fifty Pounds Gin bouquet

The result of this mixture is an elegant and measured symphony, spicy and pungent, an exalting and sumptuous bouquet, with the right alternation of spicy and sweet tones, with the note of citrus fruits always in the background to give rythm. This Fifty Pounds Gin knows how to seduce the nose gracefully.

What does the Fifty Pounds Gin taste like?

In the mouth, it is still the elegance that dominates, yes it is consistent and structured, of good alcoholic thickness, but it is the softness and the aromatic cleanliness that come forward. The finish is peppery and clean, with lots of ginger suggestions.

Fifty Pounds Gin price

Fifty Pounds Gin is a distillate that comes from loving care and you will notice it at the first sip, even neat, just cooled. The price, around 35 euros, is reasonable given the quality of the product.

What cocktails should you make with the Fifty Pounds Gin?

Its soft and docile nature makes it perfect for dry cocktails, there is no need to hide it behind many juices keep it simple: Dry Martini, Gin and Tonic, and Gin Fizz.

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