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DharMag April 2018 Cocktail Milano recipe: your new aperitif with gin, cedrata, passion fruit and juniper is served!

Cocktail Milano recipe, Italian aperitif with gin, cedrata passion fruit juniper The Milano cocktail will be your next aperitif: you’ll love it. Once you’ve sipped it you won’t be able to live without it. Why?

Very simply it is an alchemical cocktail that manages to blend sweetness, aromaticity, and acidity. And do you know what the secret of the Milano cocktail is?

Cedrata is the secret ingredient, which is already aromatic, fresh, but very sweet. So do not abuse it, as all industrial drinks, is super sweetened. But in this case, the slightly cloying sweetness of this citron drink comes to our rescue and manages to act as a skeleton for the cocktail.

Plymouth gin cocktail recipes, bartender making the best Italian cocktails As a distillate, we chose gin, a spicy, pungent and resinous touch is needed. In this case, we have chosen a mixture of Gin Mare to enhance the notes of rosemary and the Plymouth Gin Original Strength, excellent with its aromas of juniper, licorice, and anise. You can also experiment with other gins, of course. One that at the time we made the cocktail was over, but that could enhance the cocktail Milano, is the legendary Ophir, a multifaceted gin with a mystical charm with delicious notes of cardamom and pepper.

To give acidity and aromatic vivacity and endless citrus tones we will add a simple syrup of passion fruit and lime.

Attention to the alcohol content of the Milano cocktail, it is not very heavy, however, the good balance between sweetness and freshness is very misleading and the cocktail seems more jaunty than it actually is.

Ingredients and doses for making the Milan cocktail

How to prepare the Milano cocktail: the perfect aperitif

Squeeze the lime and strain.

Cut the passion fruit in half, then collect the juice in a jar that you can seal with a lid. With a spoon remove the pulp and seeds and place in a sieve and crush for a couple of minutes. Now put everything, even the seeds, into the jar, add 2 tablespoons of sugar syrup, close and shake for 3-4 minutes. Strain the juice and it is ready to be used.

Now put the lime juice, the passion fruit syrup and the two types of gin in the glass and stir.

Fill with ice and then add a splash of cedrata to make a long drink.

Stir gently again, then take 4 juniper berries, crush them and toss them into the glass.

Milano drink recipe, cocktail with gin, cedrata, juniper and passion fruit Decorate with a lime wedge and serve the cocktail Milano, your new aperitif!

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