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DharMag April 2018 Boulevardier cocktail recipe: how to make a great whiskey cocktail

Bourbon Boulevardier cocktail, how to make the best whiskey cocktails The Boulevardier cocktail is often dismissed as a simple variation of the Negroni cocktail, in fact, the recipes are very similar. Just replace the gin with whisky and the Boulevardier cocktail is ready. The doses do not change: 1/3 of whiskey, 1/3 of bitters and 1/3 of sweet vermouth.

The taste, however, is totally different, another world, whiskey and gin are the antipodes of the aromatic and gustatory spectrum of the distillates.

It is said that the inventor of the Boulevardier cocktail is an American writer, Mr. Erskine Gwynne. Not that it matters much, although the first written recipe is by Harry McElhone in 1927.

What interests us is the flavor of this smoky, complex and enveloping cocktail. About the choice of whiskey, we could spend those years quibbling: the Americans prefer the caramelized, woody and spicy tones of bourbon and usually, it is good.

Boulevardier cocktail recipe, how to make a great whiskey and vermouth cocktail But to be honest, sweet vermouth and bitter find great aromatic harmony with a rocky and peaty whisky. The salty taste cuts the sweet taste of vermouth, the bitter add an herbaceous touch and then peat does the rest. The peat spreads a veil, it is like an embrace, it creates chinks, a thousand smoky facets that are nailed to the underlying sweetness of the drink. Let’s say that if the gin is pungent, resinous and sharp, the whiskey is dark and sumptuous. Anyway, you can’t go wrong.

Boulevardier cocktail ingredients and doses

  • 3 cl of Bourbon whiskey
  • 3 cl of sweet vermouth
  • 3 cl of bitters
  • cherry or lemon peel
  • optional: Angostura, chocolate bitter or orange bitter

How to prepare the Boulevardier cocktail

Fill a mixing glass with ice, pour all the ingredients and mix.

Pour into a Martini cup or old fashioned and drop into a maraschino cherry.

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