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DharMag April 2018 Black Mirror cocktail: the Italian drink made with nocino, saba, grappa and vermouth

Black Mirror cocktail, Italian aperitif made with grappa, vermouth nocino saba The Black Mirror cocktail is a very special drink, with a strong flavor and thousand of complex, spicy suggestions. Overall, it is an aperitif cocktail, thanks to its dry taste and its fairly light alcohol content.

The ingredients of the Black Mirror cocktail are of Italian origin, we have tried to enhance those that are the products of the Modena and Parma lowlands. Lands where the soul is free to roam for miles and miles until it reaches the first layers of the mountains, so rich in woods and rocks.

But let’s see what are these ingredients: saba, grappa, nocino, cinnamon, vermouth and a few drops of chocolate bitter to give an even spicier and herbaceous touch. What dominates the whole is the encounter-clash between saba and nocino, two antipodes, one sweet and syrupy, the other with all the flavors of the Apennine forests in it. It’s a great challenge, but the real winner is our palate because together, conveyed by grappa and tightened in a vermouth embrace, they find a way to open up to a symphony of graceful flavors.

Ingredients and doses for making the Black Mirror cocktail

  • 3 cl of Grappa
  • 1 cl of nocino
  • 2 cl of sweet vermouth
  • 1 cl of saba
  • 1 anise
  • 3 drops of orange bitter
  • sugar

How to make the Black Mirror cocktail

Pour the saba and the nocino in a glass and infuse the anise for 10 minutes.

Recover the anise.

Put the grappa, nocino, saba, vermouth and the orange bitter in a shaker full of ice, shake for 10 seconds and then pour into a well-frozen cup.

Mixology, cocktail with blue flames, the best cocktail recipes Take the anise with the tongs, set it on fire with a torch and, while holding it over the glass, let the icing sugar fall on top. Be careful not to burn your eyebrows.

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