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DharMag April 2018 Barracuda cocktail: the original recipe of a delicious aperitif with rum, prosecco, pineapple and Galliano

Barracuda cocktail original recipe with rum, Galliano, prosecco pineapple lime The Barracuda cocktail is an old classic in the history of mixology, one of those old-fashioned, simple, aromatic and velvety sparkling drinks. The warm flavor of rum blends beautifully with pineapple and lime and the tickling touch of prosecco is there to close the circle.

The ingredients for making the Barracuda cocktail are readily available, nothing too fancy: the alcoholic base is composed of gold rum, a dash of Galliano to add herbs and spices that create a wonderful play of light and shadow, while the two tropical juices give flavor and depth to the cocktail. Prosecco is just right to add a nice contrast on the palate with its effervescence, it does not affect the flavor of the drink, so you can use any sparkling wine or even simple soda.

Although the Barracuda cocktail has a medium-high alcohol content, it is an excellent aperitif, thanks to its graceful aromas and smooth rhythm. In this symphony you will find a thousand suggestions, but be careful, it is an aperitif cocktail, but it is deceptive since alcohol is not so perceptible on the palate: a sort of boosted fake Mimosa. No more than two before dinner.

Ingredients and doses for making the Barracuda cocktail

  • 4.5 cl of gold rum
  • 1.5 cl of Galliano liqueur
  • 6 cl of pineapple juice
  • 1.5 cl of lime juice
  • a dash of prosecco or soda

How to make the Barracuda cocktail

Squeeze the lime and strain the juice. Cut a slice of pineapple and with the extractor prepare a real pineapple juice, do not buy those sugar concentrates which are industrial juices.

Pour the rum, the Galliano, the two juices into the shaker with ice, shake about ten seconds and pour into a well-cooled glass with ice.

Add a drop of prosecco or soda and serve the drink.

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