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DharMag April 2018 Around the World in 80 Bartenders and great cocktail recipes: the ultime book about bartending

Bartending book, Around the world in 80 bartenders, choose your favorite guy Wouldn’t you like to meet the best bartenders in the world, sip their cocktails, discover how they became the best, what pushed them on the path of experimentation and why they became legends?

Well, we threw ourselves headlong into a titanic enterprise, a book where we will interview the most charismatic bartenders of the globe, we will let you taste their cocktails, we will talk with them to understand how their creations are born, because they love certain distillates and how they mix them.

Of course there will also be a section of the most illustrious cocktail recipes, we will start from the basics and then take the flight to reach peaks where only eagles dare, there will be new brand cocktails, some of which you can choose the name if you want. Because this book needs your help to be born, not only your donations on Kickstarter, but also your insight, your point of view.

We would like it to be a choral project and so help us to take flight, telling us who are your favorites bartenders and cocktails and why.

For example, I personally admire Ryan Chetiyawardana and Giovanni Ceccarelli, two bartenders who have a scientific, alchemical approach to the mixology, but who actually boast a monstrous chemical-technical knowledge and a great palate for the manipulation of ingredients.

Because in the end today’s bartenders are not the guy that make you a Black Russian with Kahlua, but the guy that can create liquid gold starting from a passion fruit: an alchemist who has found the philosopher’s stone. The artisan who makes homemade bitters, juices, syrups, fermented fruits, vermouth and infused spirits.

History of cocktails, Egyptian Bartenders at work, historic cocktails I think this book will be stimulating for many bartenders, not only for the casual fan, we have not seen similar ones around and could make many understand that this job is made of sacrifice, knowledge, but also inspiration. And if you were a painter wouldn’t be amazing to watch Leonardo Da Vinci in action?

It will be a long journey that will take us thousands of miles to cover, but as Shia Labeouf said: “Do it now! Don’t let your dreams be dreams!”

It was born almost as a photographic book, it is impossible not to fall in love with the photos of cocktails, but there will be much more. It will be a gonzo style report and we would like you to accompany us!

If you want to be a backer, each donation is welcome, the book itself costs 33 euros, there is also the ebook, if you want.

Since we talked about it, we begin to know the bartenders we’re going to visit, here are the links to the sites of Giovanni Ceccarelli and Ryan Chetiyawardana, aka Mr Lyan

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