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April 2018

DharMag April 2018 Spumante Metodo Classico: guide to the best Italian Sparkling Wines

Spumante Metodo Classico: the best Italian Sparkling Wines April the month of rebirth is arrived, finally we can immerse ourselves in the Spring, the flowers are blossoming, the lawns become greener: can you feel the desire to go out again and uncork sparkling wines?

Yeah, it’s overwhelming! As you have already understood from the title, we will try to find and present you some of the best Italian metodo classico wines: spumanti made with méthode champenoise. Sorry, Prosecco lovers, not this time, prosecco is a simple Charmat, but maybe next month we can speak again about it.

But what are the best places in Italy producing sparkling wine?


Luckily they are not so many: of course there are a lot of wines coming from Franciacorta, which can offer classic wine, boring wine, amazing wines and a couple of incredible wineries like Ca del Vent and Corte Fusia.

It’s clear that the area was born for commercial purposes and now suffers from lack of personality and great winemakers: many have realized this and are starting to make wine and not business or investment: there is still hope. But do not worry, we will taste most of the wines from Franciacorta, both from historic and emerging wineries, so no one will stay out.

Alta Langa: the art of making wine

Then we will move in Piedmont, to uncork some bottles from Alta Langa, a new area, with few bottles, many winemakers are experimenting, but the quality is high and the production artisanal.

Trento doc: from the Dolomites with love

Another delicious place to visit is Trentino with its Trento Doc metodo classico: here the wines are rocky and sharp. Dolomites and climate helps; the production is still very small, artisanal and this helps the wines, which are characteristic, not dosed and very clean and elegant.

That’s all folks, maybe there will some wines from Oltrepò Pavese, where Pinot Noir has found an incredible habitat, but the main biggest sparkling regions in Italy are these ones.

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