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DharMag April 2016 Sidecar cocktail recipe: how to make one of the best sour cocktail of all time

Sidecar Cocktail recipe, cocktail with cognac, triple sec lemon sugar. Recipes Sidecar is the basic cocktail everyone should know: cognac, triple sec and lemon juice to give a bit of freshness. It was one of the most popular cocktail during the American Prohibition, but also nowadays you can find it in every corner of the world.


Because it’s the perfect aperitif, thanks to its strong but balanced and nuanced flavor, poised between the sweetness of triple sec and lemon’s acidity.

The original recipe of the 1930 (but there someone who says it was invented in France in 1920) also requires that the rim of the glass is coated with sugar to exalt the contrast with lemon. It’s always a matter of taste, but honestly a Sidecar cocktail without the sugar coated glass loses much of its complexity, not to mention that the sweet touch amplifies the sumptuous flavor of cognac.

Sidecar drink recipe, sugar coatet glass for the Sidecar cocktail The history of the Sidecar has no particular acute or intrigue, sooner or later a sour cocktail with cognac had to jump out, but it’s with our heart in hands that we thank the unknown bartender who first made it, because Sidecar is a great cocktail, a drink to sip anytime, anywhere, vigorous and persuasive as an aperitif, but also for euphoric night marathons.

The recipe doesn’t require a stunning skill, just some love & care: as for all sour cocktails is worth the advice to calibrate carefully the sweet & sour contrast. So before squeezing it taste lemon, which must be fully ripe, and always strain juice if you want a slick presentation.

If you want a sweeter drink increase the dose of Triple Sec or add a bit of sugar syrup.

Sidecar cocktail ingredients


Martini glass

  • 5 cl of Cognac
  • 2 cl of triple sec
  • 2 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice

How to make the Sidecar cocktail

Squeeze lemon and strain the juice.

Sugar coated glass for making Sidecar cocktail at home, Sidecar drink recipe Cool the Martini glass with some ice cubes and then throw them away.

Rub the rim of the glass with a lemon slice and dip the glass into sugar and rotate it.

MAking Sidecar cocktail, how to make the perfect Sidecar drink, best recipes Pour all ingredients into the shaker with 3 ice cubes and shake.

Sidecar drink recipe, best cocktail recipe, sour cocktail with Cognac Pour into in the glass, straining and serve one of the most amazing cocktail you’ll ever sip.

Sidecar food pairings

Let’s choose spicy or smoked foods, cold fish dishes, chicken wings bbq, pork chop with apples, salt cod with truffle cream, pumpkin gnocchi with smoked cheese, grilled cheese sandwich.

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