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DharMag April 2016 Dark and Stormy cocktail recipe: the best rum drink in the world?

Dark and Stormy cocktail recipe, ingredients doses, with dark rum & ginger beer The Dark and Stormy cocktail is the only drink in the world on which hangs an official license, which belongs to a producer of rum company, born in Bermuda, so that it’s the official cocktail of the country.

Dark and Stormy’s recipe is very simple: put some ice in a glass, add rum and pour ginger beer. But if you want to call it “Dark and Stormy” you must use Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, but any rum is fine, as long as it’s dark rum.

Apart from this minor legal notice, the Dark and Stormy’s main feature is its awesome flavor, perfectly balanced. The dark rum is that one flavored and colored with a good dose of caramel, which makes this spirit rich, sumptuous and full of nuances.

And if this rich flavor is cut by the freshness of ginger beer, you’ll have one of the most incredibly drinkable cocktail, with all the charm of rum, played down and stretched in a perfect long drink. Not coincidentally the name sums up it all: dark for rum and stormy for the bubbles of ginger beer, a perfect marriage.

Anyway don’t take the Dark and Stormy so lightly: the alcohol content of this apparently innocent drink is high and although it looks refreshing and light, hits hard and two are more than enough for a good aperitivo!

Dark and Stormy cocktail ingredients

  • 6 cl of dark rum
  • 10 cl of ginger beer

How to make the perfect Dark and Stormy cocktail

We are dealing with a basic recipe: in a ice-filled highball glass pour dark rum and the ginger beer. Garnish with a slice of lime. Add 2 cl of lime juice and you’ll get a Rum Buck, a Moscow Mule made with rum.

Dark and Stormy food Pairings

Dishes rich in vegetables, fish, pasta salad, every vegetarian, fish and spicy dishes are ok, just avoid red meat. Recommended recipes: pasta with shrimps and asparagus, spaghetti with pesto genovese and squid, fish balls, salmon Teriyaki sauce.

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