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DharMag April 2016 All you need to know about Risotto: what is it, the best recipes, how to make it

Risotto recieps, best Italian recipes with rice, what is risotto This month we want to focus on risotto, one of the most refulgent symbol of the Italian cuisine.

Rice is a staple food cultivated for millennia, grown in many parts of Italy, especially in the North, starting from Piedmont to reach Ferrara, in Emilia Romagna, following the Po river.

Along this rice flow we can find ancient kind of rice like Vialone Nano and Carnaroli, two of the most important types of rice.

What is risotto, slow cooked rice with broth, best Italian recipes We have collected and tried many risotto recipes for you and once again we want to thank the chefs who have given us their beautiful creations.

Ok, but what is exactly risotto?

Risotto is a way of life, not only cooking, it’s an old technique involving a slow cooking with broth.

You can boil and season some rice and it’s kinda ok if you want a quick and healthy dish, but risotto is a whole different story. To make a good risotto you’ll need at least 30 minutes: you have to cook slowly risotto adding broth a ladle at a time, do not cover rice with too much broth, be patient and it will reward you with an incredible and unique flavor.

Preparing the perfect risotto is not easy, it looks like a pedestrian dish but it is not, it is like a ritual, a series of gestures of love marked by the bubbling broth.

Only those who dedicate time to the kitchen can make an excellent risotto: you’ll need plenty of dedication, high-grade ingredients, a top notch rice and above all a real broth prepared for this purpose.

And in the shining mirror that is risotto you will never see dozens of ingredients, on the contrary one, and only one ingredient must be the protagonist, or at most a proven couple like cheese and pears, risi and bisi, sausages and pumpkin, to not overshadow the flavor of rice.

That’s all, let’s make some risotto, folks!

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