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DharMag April 2015 Gin and Tonic cocktail recipe: how to make the perfect drink

Gin and Tonic cocktail recipe. The original recipe with ingredients, doses, tips Gin and Tonic is one of the simplest and most refreshing cocktails you can find around. Very easy to mix, it is built directly in a highball glass filled with ice, just pour the desired amount of gin with some tonic water and a slice of lemon, which someone likes to squeeze into the cocktail.

The recipe is easy and perfect and does not need any changes, variation or fancy interpretation since it is far from 1700 that Gin & Tonic is drunk. The cocktail was born in India, in the wake of the British Army, as medicine to fight malaria.

Each soldier was entitled to a dose of gin and then to make the quinine less bitter, they used to mix it with gin and water. In time the recipe has been perfected, also thanks to the invention of tonic water, which greatly facilitates the mixing of this cocktail.

About the doses of gin to be used there is no consensus, they range from 1:1 ratio for those who want to relax to a much sober 1/3 of gin and 2/3 of tonic water. It depends on what time is it and by the function of the cocktail. At 4 pm a drop of gin is permitted to flavor a soft drink, but during the evening you can dare and beef up your cocktail.

Ingredients and doses for making the perfect Gin & Tonic

  • 4 cl gin
  • 10 cl of tonic water
  • 1 slice of lemon or lime
  • ice

How to prepare the perfect Gin & Tonic

Gin Tonic cocktail recipe, Gin and Tonic with basil rosemary and lemon peel Fill with ice a highball glass, pour the gin, fill with tonic water and squeeze a wedge of lemon and garnish with a slice of lemon. Enjoy your drink!

Which gin is best for gin and tonic?

The Gin Tonic is the litmus test for every gin, there are no shortcuts to reach the top, but there is indeed a thousand gin to try and not just one and each time your Gin Tonic will be a different and exciting experience. Opt for a great distillate like Hendrick’s gin if you want a delicate and fragrant Gin Tonic with floral and herbaceous nuances that make the experience unique. If you prefer a rockier and lashing cocktail use a Plymouth Gin Navy Strength; if you like delicate cocktails with a citrus flavor the Panarea Island Gin is ideal; if you like licorice the Roby Marton gin is tempting and sharp. If you like pyrotechnic American gins the Aviation Gin and 209 are true gems, for those who love spices the Opihr gin is a mystic trip to the East and we close with two sons of the woods, two wonderful creatures full of balsamic perfumes like the Caorunn and the Monkey 47 Schwarzwald.

Now let’s try some variants of the classic Gin and Tonic!

Gin Tonic with Angostura

If you want to add an intriguing herbaceous shade to your drink, just drop 2 tears of Angostura in your Gin and Tonic and it’ll be even more delicious.

Gin and Tonic with cucumber

If you want to make it even cooler, add a few slices of cucumber, which with the tonic water creates a symphony of exceptional fragrances.

Gin Tonic with grapefruit

The classy one: add 1/4 of grapefruit juice and 1 slice to your Gin and Tonic and it will take an irresistible, zesty nuance.

Gin Tonic with rosemary

One of the best incarnations of Gin and Tonic, the aromatic touch conferred by an ordinary sprig of rosemary will open the gates of Heaven, thanks to the harmony of scents. Close your eyes before drinking.

Great Gin Cocktail you should try

If you like cocktails made with gin you could make also: Black Mamba Kiss, Paradise, Tom Collins, Heidi, Bramble, cocktail Pino, Negroni, Gin Fizz, French 75, Vesper Martini, Tuxedo, Dry Martini, Ramos Gin Fizz.

Gin Tonic food pairings

Let’s choose fish, chicken and pasta with vegetables, shrimp salad and avoid red meat dishes or bitter flavors. Recommended dishes: mixed paella, sandwiches with avocado, salt-crusted sea bass, fried chicken, barbecued chicken, fish balls.

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