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DharMag April 2014 Wine review: Montepulciano Cerasuolo 2012 d’Abruzzo, Valentini winery, Loreto Aprutino

Not a simple pink wine, because, first of all, this is a stunning Montepulciano. You can recognize it from the overwhelming, yet crisp, complexity of the aromas, which range from rose and carnation petals, to celery, a shower of confetti, jujubes, almonds to finish with a touch of vanilla-lavender hovering among waves of cherries, seaweeds and rosemary.

But this is only the prelude of the salty storm that is unleashed into the mouth, where such gratefulness takes on a rocky body, which evokes the mountains of this land and the roaring sea behind them. Glacial and still warm, with these rolling cherries that keep rolling on the tongue, perfectly sculpted by one year of barrel aging. Great aging potential, despite the fact it’s only a simple pink wine: this wine is the paragon with which all the other Italian rosé, without bubbles, have to deal.

Oysters in crispy tempura batter with apricot purée. Suggested wine: pink wine Oysters in crispy tempura batter with apricot purée Suggested food pairing: pizza with mushrooms, oyster gratin with cheddar or pumpkin gnocchi.

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