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DharMag April 2014 Some Easter lunch ideas, a new NFL draft and a glass of pink wine

Spring is here. Vineyards in Trentino Alto Adige spring pic view photos. Rose Spring is here! Vineyards at Niklas winery, South Tyrol As every spring, we are getting closer and closer to the 2014 NFL Draft, it’s a big time event and young talents are going to be evaluated and chosen to become the future backbone of professional teams. And we want to do the same with pink wines, so prepare yourself for our Rosé wine Draft, because today we are going to pair rosé wines with some of the best Easter recipes from all over the world.

Easter dinner menu and ideas. How to prepare a great dinner for Easter. Sushi Add a good pink wine and this is gonna be epic! Pink wines are on the verge of a planetary success, because easy to drink, crisp and outrageously compelling. And this is, beyond a refreshing youth, the secret of pink wines: their ability to blend with food and the rest of the team, especially if on the table there are spicy and fish made dishes, so let’s enjoy Thai, Korean and Mexican cuisine. Moreover these wines have an ethereal, punchy charm: they have the magic power to move our heart as only a great red wine can do, still without all that tannin that precludes many food matches.

Blanquette of veal & chanterelles. Easter lunch and dinner menu, ideas, recipes Blanquette of veal with chanterelles Take a rabbit blanquette with lavender and mustard. A very rich and puffy dish, with herby suggestions, delicate nuances and savory pieces of meat dipped into a milky sauce. A red wine would be too much, while a white would be a little shy, so why shouldn’t we start to add a third, powerful and flexible, option to our pairing tools? Not to mention that in the last years we have been seeing a Renaissance of pink wines and the overall quality is constantly improving.

Rose wines have a long tradition in Italy, in some regions like Apulia we can find some juicy pink wines, like the ones from Negromaro, the most notable grape of Salento. And don’t forget about Montepulciano Cerasuolo from Abruzzo too! They have been produced for centuries and are cult wines, not a fashion pumped by the increase in easy-casual wine consume.

Boiled lobster with vegetables. The best Italian recipe and menu for Easter. Portrait of a lobster Other enjoyable pink wines come from Trentino-Alto Adige’s Schiava and Lagren Kretzer; in Calabria and Sicily we have nice rosé that come from native grapes like Magliocco, Gaglioppo e Frappato, and finally we can’t help speaking about the precious, pink bubbles from Franciacorta, Oltrepò Pavese and Trento Doc, where Pinot Noir rocks.

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